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1028 Main Street                                                                          Fax     502.371.0890
Shelbyville, Kentucky 

About The Center

​Whitten Psychological Services helps people of all ages including preschool children and older adults.  We specialize in helping people work through issues such as career transitions, divorce and co-parenting, marriage issues, and parent-child relationship problems.
We provide treatment for trauma-related anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorders, depression, behavior management problems,  complex grief issues, substance abuse issues, weight management problems, and smoking cessation.
Testing services includes the assessment of intellectual disabilities, Autism and other childhood disorders, dementia, and learning disorders.  Our staff also provide parenting assessments, custody and competency determination, substance abuse assessment, and risk assessment. 

Our Mission

We endeavor to bridge the gap between diagnosis and intervention, while always embracing the values of Christian faith, integrity, and compassion.