Dr. Michael E. Whitten graduated from the University of Louisville with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology.  He completed a clinical psychology internship/residency at the Appalachian Regional Medical Center in Hazard, KY.  Prior to opening Whitten Psychological Services, Dr. Whitten trained at the Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center where he evaluated and treated children with Autism Spectrum disorders.  Dr. Whitten also trained with a neuropsychologist for over four years to develop additional testing skills. The focus of his current practice is the assessment of children and adults.  
Michael E. Whitten, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Shon Goodwin is a graduate of the University of Louisville. Mrs. Goodwin earned a master's degree in Counseling Psychology and went on to complete doctoral level training and education.  Mrs. Goodwin is independently licensed to practice psychology in the Kentucky Commonwealth.  Mrs. Goodwin has extensive experience in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and substance abuse issues.  Mrs. Goodwin primarily serves adults and older adolescents.  
Shon Goodwin, M.A.
Licensed Psychological Practitioner

Allie graduated from the University of Louisville with her master's in Counseling Psychology. Before then she worked as a counselor for those who experienced trauma at The Center for Women and Families. She is a Licensed Psychological Associate and has since worked in the neuropsychology field at Norton's Children's Hospital providing assessments for children and adolescents. Her focus is providing assessment for all ages, as well as working with those who have experienced trauma, anxiety, or depression in their lives. 

Allison Recktenwald, M.A.

Licensed Psychological Associate

Misti Edelen graduated from the University of Louisville with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology. Misti is a Licensed Psychological Associate in Kentucky. Misti has experience in community mental health settings, college counseling centers, and private practice. Misti uses a person-centered approach in therapy.

Misti Powell Edelen, M.A. 

Licensed Psychological 


Having become a therapist only after my children were grown, I bring to my practice a

great deal of life experience in addition to professional training. My therapy practice has tended to focus on issues that cause depression and anxiety, on the difficulties we

experience coping with life transitions, with aging, with grief, and with loss of all kinds. I

have found that life presents us with many challenges, and that there are times when

empathy and an objective ear can help us find clarity, direction, and healing. If you ever

experience a need for some extra help for a while, just know that it is available here.

Jamie Guyton, M.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Renee Barlow is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of
Mrs. Barlow has worked in college career counseling offices, community-based services, psychiatric
hospital settings, and in private practice. Her clinical approach is based on an integration of Biblical understanding, her life experiences, and training empirically based counseling approaches. She takes a pragmatic approach to parenting and other relationship challenges. Her treatment strategy is anchored on the conviction that individuals and families can heal and make changes, resulting in better outcomes and a greater quality of life.

Renee Barlow, M.A.

Licensed Psychological


Amanda Brown graduated from the University of Louisville with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology.  Amanda has received both assessment and counseling training within a community-based setting here in Kentucky. Amanda has experience assessing and counseling children,  adolescents and adults. 
"Assessment and counseling can be a life-changing opportunity and only when fully utilized. It is a place for support and personal growth, as well as a space for healing. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others and to be someone they can turn to."

Amanda Brown, M.A.

Licensed Psychological Associate

Troy Cilone is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Troy is currently a Licensed Psychological Associate in Kentucky. Troy has previous experience working in a community mental health setting assisting clients in low-income areas. Troy currently conducts psychological assessments as well as holds individual therapy sessions for all ages. Troy’s treatment strategy involves a more goal-oriented approach helping clients to continue to move in a positive direction. 

Troy Cilone, M.A.

Licensed Psychological Associate

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